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Casa POrtela

An existing historic house, a free standing historic façade, and an empty parking lot were the major elements to work with and to integrate in the development of this history and archeology museum. The strategy that was to show the contrast of the past and the present in a mix of colonial and modern architecture: The existing elements, being the past; and the new construction, the present. 

The juxtaposition is best portrayed in the use and application of  of materials. The tectonic fabric of the project reveals respectfully each period independently, or as they meet. Architectural elements of glass and steel sit lightly on top of old brick and mortar; Fragments of old walls are left untouched paying homage to what was once there; structures which once stood, are now remapped as to show the archeological process of the design; Small gaps create transitions or reveal joints; all exposing the delicate romance between form, material and memory.

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