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Cocero-Cordero Architects is a firm engaged in architecture, engineering, master planning, urban design, historic restorations, LEED green building, interior design and project management based in San Juan, PR. The firm provides a complete range of services — from feasibility studies, program analysis and site selection through post-occupancy evaluation — for projects of every size and scope.

Since its inception, the firm’s practice has been diverse, with much repeat work in the planning and design of investment grade office and residential buildings, corporate and government interiors, cultural and institutional facilities, mixed-use and mall developments, and adaptive reuse and renovation projects.



The goals of CCA are to achieve excellence in design

That server our clients and our communities;

To understand each client's specific aspirations and

Needs, and to provide service value;

​To lead our profession by developing forward- looking and innovative approaches to design, technology and management;

​To practice in multi-disciplinary teams that can aspire to achieve greater quality and success;

​To provide a stimulating and rewarding work environment that encourages the professional growth and development of individuals throughout the firm;

​To foster the vitality and of the firm.


CCA maintains a commitment to environmentally responsible design and to the integration of the principles of sustainable architecture into every aspect of our professional practice. We have our projects be environmental good neighbors that integrate energy conservation measures, utilize sustainable materials and processes, and maximize natural light and indoor air quality.


Our clients include public and private institutions, corporations, developers as well as civic authorities. Our clients are growing and evolving as we are. With new ideas and new technologies comes the need for new environment's. As our clients expand, CCA ongoing client relationships continue to flourish and diversify.


The way we live and work has shifted to new and more complex tools that allow us to expand our problem solving abilities resulting in efficient solutions and cutting edge design. We provide our clients with the tools necessary to visualize their projects and to help them generate the excitement that sells belief in their goal.

The shared vision is developed during the planning process with state-of-the-art three-dimensional visualization of design developments. These photo realistic renderings can be developed as still images or as videotape animations, which facilitates the client's participation in the development process. 


The CCA design process requires that the success of each project be gauged by how well the design responds to the expressed and implied requirements of each client. Our clients' review of our design is the ultimate test of our performance. We approach design assignment without preconceived notions. While our practice has produced a wide variety of architectural expressions, we have earned recognition for design excellence in many project types including residential, corporate headquarters, high-technology facilities, mixed-used developments and urban spaces. This broad range of experience demonstrates that CCA can effectively convey the character of it's clients into unique and highly functional environments.

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