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El Mirador


El Mirador is a multi-level social gathering center that will host a variety of artistic activities. From the plastic arts, to musical arts, performing arts and the culinary arts, they will all work together in artistic synergy, with the architectural arts.

This hub of celebration of the arts, in a social context, will be programmed with two private restaurants, four “tapas style flying Terrazas”, four cocktail kiosk and a roof terrace with a main central cocktail bar flaked by two flying amphitheaters. All this, overlooking the full night lights of the San Juan Metropolitan City from the prestigious hills of Guaynabo City.

The project conceptualizes growing from the topography, extending itself, reaching for the sky and the views of San Juan in a series of multi-level flying terrace. The feeling of floating with the view can be experienced from any of the activities you wish to participate in.

The integration of the amazing views and the refreshing breeze was achieved by the openness and free flowing spaces. These were all organized around an open patio, where most of the vertical circulation was resolved, creating a promenade of visual interaction with all the activities and their spaces.

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