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The master plan for a new city coherence aims to avoid piecemeal development and to create a vibrant mixed-use waterfront living. The master plan advocated an integrated approach taking full advantage of the San Juan Water Front, a tremendous natural asset, and proposes a new residential quarter alongside the bay. The area will be developed as a coherent series of blocks providing good connections to the bay, with a consistent frontage to both parks and water edge.

A waterfront park, overlooked by new residential development and providing a bayside setting for sitting and relaxing. The San Juan Capitolio Sector master plan aims to: 
-Manage the transformation of port water edge from industrial and employment uses to a mixed-use area;

-Create a new residential quarter alongside the river that offers a choice of high-quality homes of all tenures and a mix of apartments and family housing;

-Consolidated and strengthened the existing Government Historical Institutional Buildings development at the northern side of the San Juan waterfront and provide a new hard paved public square that will serve as a focus for the area;

- Encourage small businesses to cluster within the area. with easy access to public transportation;

- Provide a limited range of facilities including local shops, bars, and leisure opportunities, including Capitolio City Park bayside walkway that will bring vibrancy and life to the area;

- Establish a network of safe, pedestrian-friendly streets and spaces that open up access to the bayside;

- Provide distinctive bayside setting with new development benefiting from tremendous views of the bay and providing active frontages and overlooking onto the bayside walkway;

- Enhance the setting of the historic listed Capitolio and open up views towards the Capitolio from the bayside;

-The master plan provides design guidelines to ensure that, as sites come forward for development, they all contribute to the creation of a distinctive place.

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