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CCA will bring energy, intensity and focus to the design of the project. The firm employs a collaborative design process that involves the active participation of our clients in seeking solutions consistent with their needs- programmatic, economic and aesthetic, providing a high standard of personalized, responsive service for each client. This approach produces consistently original, yet timeless, designs that express the identities and aspirations of our clients and ultimately enrich the human experience.

From initial design concept through completion, every project is under the direct control of the principal, devoting his complete attention to all phases of the project's progress. Clients are assured when they have the personal commitment of the principal- a decision-maker who provides strong direction, eliminates duplication of effort and focuses the problem-solving process.

Our Firm is committed to fulfilling the aspiration of our clients, to meeting their budget and time requirements, and to directing each projects to the realization of it's greatest potential resulting in profitable projects for developers and efficiently operated building for users. CCA has an impeccable standing record of on-time, on-budget performance on a variety of project types.


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